Are All Steel Shafts Stiff?

Should I use stiff or regular shafts?

A stiff shaft is firmer and harder to bend than a regular shaft, and so more often than not, they’re also heavier in weight.

As a rough rule of thumb, the more speed you generate, the stiffer your shafts should be.

What swing speed requires a stiff shaft?

Stiff shafts are recommended for players who generate high club head speed. If your swing speed is 90 mph or higher, a stiff shaft or an x-stiff shaft should be a good fit.

Should I get stiff or regular flex irons?

If you have a slower swing speed, you are probably going to want to choose regular shafted clubs because the additional flex will provide a little more power and accuracy. When you swing harder, the stiff flex will be more controlled and give you the punch you need to hit better shots.

What shaft stiffness do I need?

Shaft Flex Selection (Driver)
Carry DistanceSwing SpeedFlex
180 to 200 yards75 to 85 mphSenior/A/M
200 to 240 yards85 to 95 mphRegular
240 to 275 yards95 to 110 mphStiff/Firm

2 more rows

Do all pros use stiff shafts?

The Advantages of Stiff-Shaft Irons. Most PGA Tour pros use stiff or x-stiff shafts. Depending on what type of swing you possess, stiff-shaft irons might help you control your shots better, achieve optimal results from a swing with a fast tempo and aid your short game.

How far should you hit a 7 iron?

For example, you might think that you are hitting your 7-iron 155 yards. You’ll typically pull that club on the course from that distance, but in reality you might be hitting it 145 yards.

What will happen if my driver shaft is too stiff?

A fade or leaking ball flight. This occurs because the golfer cannot flex the golf shaft enough to create a square impact position. 3. A golfer that plays a golf shaft that is too stiff will cause far more harm for their game than by choosing a shaft that is a too soft.

What is the most forgiving driver?

The Most forgiving Drivers in 2019

  • TaylorMade R15 460 Driver. Most forgiving Driver.
  • Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver. Most forgiving Budget Driver (Best Value)
  • Cobra Fly Z Driver. Most forgiving driver for mid handicappers.
  • Cleveland Golf 588 Custom Driver.
  • TaylorMade M2 460cc Driver.

How can I tell my swing speed?

Divide your average drive distance by 2.3. This will give you your average club head speed in miles per hour. For instance, if your average drive distance is 202 yards, your average club head speed is 202 divided by 2.3, or approximately 87.8 mph.

What is the average swing speed for amatuer golfers?

The average male amateur’s swing speed is 93.4 miles per hour, according to research by TrackMan, for an average distance of 214 yards. Using TrackMan’s “optimal” distance, the average golfer’s potential is 255 yards at that same swing speed.

Are graphite shafts better than steel?

Graphite shafts are generally much lighter than steel, which should make them easier to swing for those with slow swing speeds or that lack strength, like lady and senior golfers. One key advantage of graphite shafts over steel is the feel.

Who should use a stiff shaft golf club?

This can usually be evaluated at golf retailers when getting fitted for a club. Golfers who swing in excess of 100 mph should go with a stiff or extra stiff shaft. Swings between 85-100 mph are ideal for regular flex shafts, and a swing slower than 85 mph is best when using a flex shaft.

What stiffness should my irons be?

How to determine the proper shaft flex for your swing

If You Can Hit 150 Yards With AThen Your Optimal Shaft Flex Is
PW or 9-ironExtra Stiff Flex (X)
8-ironStiff Flex (S)
6- or 7-ironRegular Flex (R)
5-iron/hybrid or 4-iron/hybrid (male or female)Senior Flex (A)

1 more row

What length should my driver shaft be?

The standard length of a driver for men used to be 43.5 inches with a steel shaft and 44 inches for a graphite shaft. However, in the 21st century a standard driver is considered to be 45 inches.

What weight shaft should I use?

In general, golfers with slower swing speed and tempo can and should play a lighter shaft. Golfers with very fast speeds and tempo should play heavier shafts. Driver shafts typically weigh 55-60 grams for men and 45-50 grams for ladies.