Are Srixon Golf Balls Good?

Srixon Ad333 Tour Golf Balls

These balls have a higher initial velocity that allows for a greater carry and overall distance.

They also provide excellent spin and control approach shots.

Available as a 12-pack, these Srixon golf balls boast a superior soft feel that making them easier to handle.

Superior soft feel.

What is the best Srixon golf ball?

Taylormade Project (a) (best tour quality ball for low swing speeds) Titleist Velocity (best golf ball for distance) Srixon Q Star (best golf ball for greenside spin) Bridgestone e6 (best golf ball for straight ball flight)

Other Golf Balls Reviewed Below Include:

  • Srixon Z Star XV.
  • Srixon Z Star.
  • Bridgestone Tour B X.

Are Srixon golf balls good distance?

The NEW AND IMPROVED premium Distance Srixon golf ball has higher initial velocity and a penetrating ball flight for greater distance. A responsive light feel and exceptional durability make it ideal for those with a swing speed of 80mph or greater.

What pros use Srixon golf balls?


Srixon, a global leader in golf ball technology and innovation, makes golf balls and golf clubs trusted by leading tour professionals around the world like Hideki Matsuyama, Graeme McDowell, J.B.

What is the best golf ball for distance?

To help your buying decision easier, below is a list of the best golf balls for distance.

  1. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls.
  2. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls.
  3. TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls.
  4. Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls.
  5. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls.

What is the best golf ball for a high handicapper?

10 Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers in 2019

  • Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls – High Swing Speed.
  • Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Balls – Especially for Tour.
  • Bridgestone 2017 E6 Speed Golf Balls – For a Straight Flight.
  • Volvik Crystal Golf Balls – For Direction.
  • Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls – For Balance.

What is the best golf ball for seniors?

The Best Golf Ball For Seniors In 2019

  1. Srixon AD333 Golf Balls – Best Value. Our Honest Star Rating. If you’re a Senior golfer looking for a great golf ball, with long distance and great short game feel the Srixon AD333 is the golf ball for you.
  2. Titleist DT Trusoft (Insane Durability) Our Honest Star Rating.

What is the compression of a Srixon Soft Feel?

Featuring an overall compression of 71, the Srixon Soft Feel is a two-piece ball designed to mimic multi-layer models. The company recommends it for golfers with swing speeds below 100 mph, but those in the 70 – 80 range are more likely to enjoy its full benefits – improved distance, higher launch, minimal sidespin.

How many golf balls can a pro carry?

Most PGA Tour golfers carry in the area of nine golf balls in their bag per round.

Does srixon make golf clubs?

Srixon is a brand owned by SRI Sports Limited, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd., specializing in golf and tennis. They also produce a full range of golf clubs and accessories.

What is Srixon Tour ball?

At Srixon, your best performance starts with the right golf ball. Srixon offers personalized golf balls and highly visible colored golf balls so you can make your golf ball your own.