Quick Answer: Can A Caddie Line Up A Player?

Under the clarifications, caddies can line up their players for the purpose of making sure their club won’t hit a tree, or their feet are not on a cart path.

Can a caddy mark a player’s ball?

The player’s caddie is allowed to mark and lift the player’s ball on the putting green any time the player is allowed to do so, without needing authorization. The caddie continues to be allowed to replace the player’s ball only if the caddie was the one who had lifted or moved the ball.

Can a Caddie line up a putt?

Miller, ironically, was a catalyst for a 1976 Rule change that forbids a player on the putting green making a stroke while his caddie is positioned “on or close to an extension of the line of putt behind the ball.” “The caddie has already helped line up the player.”

How many caddies can a golfer have?

According to the definition in the Rules of Golf, a caddie is one who assists the player in accordance with the Rules, which may include carrying or handling the player’s clubs during play. Caddies are covered under Rule 6 The Player, and most specifically under Rule 6 – 4 Caddie.

What are caddies allowed to do?

Caddies. Purpose: The player may have a caddie to carry the player’s clubs and give advice and other help during the round, but there are limits to what the caddie is allowed to do. The player is responsible for the caddie’s actions during the round and will get a penalty if the caddie breaches the Rules.