Can I Play Golf With Degenerative Disc Disease?

Is it OK to play golf with lower back pain?

For the millions of people who have chronic, long-standing low back pain, golf can still be an enjoyable sport.

However, a regular routine of stretching and low-impact exercise is critical to maintain the ability to play golf.

What can I do to help my degenerative disc disease?

Treatment may include occupational therapy, physical therapy, or both, special exercises, medications, losing weight, and surgery. Medical options include injecting the joints next to the damaged disc with steroids and a local anesthetic. These are called facet joint injections. They can provide effective pain relief.

Is it okay to golf with spinal stenosis?

If you’ve had a spinal stenosis surgery, you may even wonder if golf is possible. The answer for many is yes, but there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. First, recognize that golfing is not really the best thing for your low back. The golf swing imparts a tremendous amount of stress to your lumbar spine.

Can I play golf with a bulging disc?

You can still play golf with a moderately herniated disc, but you must be extremely careful to prevent further injury. You may feel you can play through the pain, but you don’t want to turn a moderate injury into a more serious one that later requires surgery.