Quick Answer: Can I Wear Jeans To A Golf Tournament?

Like women, men should avoid overly casual clothes such as tee shirts, tank tops, jeans, and cut-offs.

A classic outfit for the male spectator would be a nice pair of shorts or khakis and a golf shirt.

Another option is a button-down oxford shirt, long or short-sleeved.

What do golfers wear to tournaments?

Women spectators tend to wear comfortable flats or tennis shoes, shorts or a skort, capris, a sundress, or a wide-rimmed hat are appropriate.

Is there a dress code for US Open golf?

It is appropriate to wear similar attire to what you’d wear playing golf. For men a nice pressed polo and khaki pants or shorts are the norm. Make sure your clothes are ironed, your shirt is tucked in, and your belt matches.

How do you dress for a PGA tournament?

PGA Championship

  • Bermuda shorts, sundresses and polo shirts are good; denim, T-shirts and short-shorts are bad. And consider solid colors over splashy prints.
  • When it comes to footwear, go comfortable and go low (heel).
  • Keep your handbags small, light and crossbody, if possible.
  • Keep in mind why you’re there and who you’re with.

Can you bring a baby to a golf tournament?

Yes, you can bring a baby of any age to a PGA event. There is no policy restricting a baby from being on the grounds at a PGA tournament.