Can You Get Relief From Sprinkler Head?

A sprinkler head is an immovable obstruction and is covered by Rule 24-2.

That Rule states that you are entitled to relief for a ball that lies in or on the obstruction or when the obstruction interferes with your area of intended stance or swing.

Is a bridge an immovable obstruction?

Terry, it just so happens that “immovable obstruction” were my first words as a child. As to your question, the bridge is an artificial object and is thus considered an immovable obstruction. Normally, you get free relief.

What is embedded ball rule in golf?

Under the new Rules, you can dislodge an embedded ball even if it’s not in the fairway. The Old Rule: In the current Rules of Golf, Rule 25-2 limits relief for an embedded ball to closely mown areas “through the green” (which means, “areas cut to fairway height or less”).

What is an immovable obstruction in golf?

Rule 24.2 Immovable Obstructions

Interference by an immovable obstruction occurs when a ball lies in or on the obstruction, or when the obstruction interferes with the player’s stance or the area of his intended swing.

What are golf rules?

Golf: Rules

  • You must play the golf ball where it lies, unless there is a rule that allows you to move it.
  • The golf course may not be changed to gain an advantage, unless there is a rule that allows for a specific change.