Can You Ground Your Club In A Bunker Now?


On top of this, golfers can move loose impediments in bunkers and will not be penalised for generally grounding their club away from their ball.

However, you still CANNOT ground your club when playing a BUNKER shot.

Can you ground the club in the bunker?

As such, a golfer is prohibited from grounding their club in the sand in a bunker because it’s considered a hazard. Beginning in 2019, however, golfers will be able to move loose impediments in the sand to keep a golfer from hitting rocks and sticks and twigs in a bunker.

Why can’t you ground your club in a bunker?

Rule: Grounding Your Club In A Bunker. The reason you can’t ground your club in a bunker is that you might (a) be able to move enough sand to improve your lie and (b) you might be able to “test the surface,” i.e. figure out if there’s a lot of sand under your ball, not much sand, soft sand, hard sand, rocks, etc.

Can you ground your club in a penalty area?

Areas of desert, jungle, lava rock, etc. (in addition to areas of water) may now be marked as red or yellow “penalty areas.” No penalty for moving loose impediments, touching the ground, or grounding your club in a penalty area. Relief allowed outside a bunker for an unplayable ball for two penalty strokes.

Are you allowed to ground your club in a sand trap?

When you are in a bunker, you are not allowed to ground your club in the sand or hit the sand on a practice swing.