Question: Can You Lose A Ball In Ground Under Repair?


Rule 16.1e makes reference to “your ball being not found and it is known or virtually certain that your ball came to rest in or on the abnormal course condition.” In the absence of such knowledge or certainty, you must proceed under Rule 18 (Lost Ball).

Can I play from ground under repair?

Playing from Ground Under Repair

It is not mandatory to drop from ground under repair. You always have the option to play a ball from ground under repair unless the golf course or committee prohibits it.

Does ground under repair have to be marked?

(1) Deciding What Areas to Mark as Ground Under Repair

In general, when ground conditions are abnormal to the course or it is unreasonable to require a player to play from a specific area, it should be marked as ground under repair.

What is an abnormal ground condition in golf?

This is the official definition of “abnormal ground conditions” as it appears in the Rules of Golf, which is jointly written by the USGA and R&A: “An ‘abnormal ground condition’ is any casual water, ground under repair or hole, cast or runway on the course made by a burrowing animal, a reptile or a bird.”

How many shots do you lose for a lost ball in golf?

Lost Ball. If you play golf, this has happened to you. You hit a shot into the trees, long grass, or another erie place on the golf course and you are unable to find your golf ball. According to Rule 27-1-c a player is allotted 5 minutes to identify their golf ball as being their’s or else it is deemed to be lost.