Do Soft Golf Balls Go Further?

Although softer golf balls go further from the tee for lower swing speed players, the gap across the whole range of ball types is only around 5 yards, so it is more important to fit the ball to your irons and then fit your driver to your preferred ball to maximise distance.

Which golf ball goes the farthest 2019?

2019 Most Wanted Ball Test Features

Ball ModelPriceCompression
TaylorMade TP5x Check Price44.99104.4
Titleist AVX Check Price47.9995.6
Titleist Pro V1 Check Price47.99104.2
Titleist Pro V1x Check Price47.99111.0

32 more rows

Will a low compression golf ball go further?


For average golfers with swing speeds less than 90mph, you’re better with a low compression ball, as it will feel better and will go further for you. However, it is not made for every golfer.

What is the best golf ball for distance?

To help your buying decision easier, below is a list of the best golf balls for distance.

  • Titleist Velocity Golf Balls.
  • Callaway Warbird Golf Balls.
  • TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls.
  • Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls.
  • Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls.

What does a soft golf ball do?

For many golfers, lower spin means straighter ball flight and also more distance. The second noticeable benefit is the soft feel, in particular with the short irons. When the golfer can also compress the ball with his or her short irons the golfer gets an improved “feel” of the golf ball at impact.