Question: Do Women’s Golf Balls Go Further?

In general, yes, a ladies golf ball will fly father for a female golfer than if that same golfer used a men’s golf ball.

Since most ladies have a lower swing speed than their male counterparts, a ladies golf ball allows them to compress the ball at impact and maximize the distance they achieve off of the tee.

Which golf ball goes the farthest 2019?

2019 Most Wanted Ball Test Features

Ball ModelPriceCompression
TaylorMade TP5x Check Price44.99104.4
Titleist AVX Check Price47.9995.6
Titleist Pro V1 Check Price47.99104.2
Titleist Pro V1x Check Price47.99111.0

32 more rows

What is the best women’s golf ball?

The 10 Best Golf Balls for Women in 2019

  • Bridgestone 2015 Lady Precept Golf Balls.
  • Callaway Golf Solaire Balls.
  • Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls.
  • Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls.
  • Volvik Crystal Golf Balls.
  • Chromax Metallic I Golf Balls.
  • Wilson Ladies Tour Velocity Golf Balls.
  • Wilson Hope 12 Ball Ladies Golf Balls.

Is there a difference between mens and womens golf balls?

A compression between 80 to 100 is typically intended for use by men and that between 60 to 70 is for women. Generally the color of golf balls for men come in white and yellow colors whereas those for women are designed in an array of funk colors.

What is the best golf ball for distance and control?

The Best Golf Balls of 2019 are:

  1. Titleist Pro V1 (best overall premium golf ball)
  2. Taylormade TP5x (best premium ball for distance)
  3. Titleist Pro V1x (best golf ball for high spin)
  4. Callaway Chrome Soft (best premium golf ball for the money)
  5. Bridgestone Tour B RX (best premium golf ball for distance and accuracy)