How Do You Control The Spin On A Golf Ball?

Move the ball back in your stance as well.

This set-up allows you to swing at a steeper angle and impart more spin by striking the ball before you strike the ground.

To reduce backspin, widen your stance, move the ball up to a normal position, and shorten your swing.

How do you properly drive a golf ball?



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What does more spin on a golf ball do?

High Spin Golf Balls

Last is the high spinning golf ball. This ball is designed to increase the balls spin in the air. When a golf ball is hit, it is released into the air with a certain degree of backspin; a high spinning ball will increase this spin and create a longer carry.

What is the amount of spin you can get on a golf ball?

The general rule of thumb is: the lower your clubhead speed and ball speed, the higher you need to launch the ball, and with more spin; and vice versa. According to Trackman, the average PGA TOUR player has a vertical launch angle of 11.2 degrees, and a spin rate of 2,685 rpm.

What does Top Spin mean in golf?

In ball sports, topspin is a property of a ball that rotates forwards as it is moving. Topspin on a ball propelled through the air imparts a downward force that causes the ball to drop, due to its interaction with the air (see Magnus effect). Topspin is the opposite of backspin.