Question: How Do You Play Golf Books?

What is the best golf instruction book?

My Top 10 Best Golf Instruction Books That Made The Cut

  • Ben Hogans Five Lessons.
  • The Golfing Machine, 7th Edition. If you have already read this book you will totally understand me when I tell you that this book will take you back to high school geometry class.
  • Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book.
  • Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible.

Who wrote how I play golf?

Tiger Woods

Do all golf courses have yardage books?

No. In fact, most golf courses don’t. Golf tournament organizers might provide yardage books free of charge, or for a fee; some tournament organizers may arrange to have simple yardage books printed if the tournament is played at a course that otherwise does not offer them.

What you should know about golf?

Golf Terms

  1. Golf Tee – the wooden peg you place your golf ball on at the start of the whole.
  2. Fairway – the part of the golf course that leads to the green.
  3. The green – the soft, plush ground surrounding the hole.
  4. The rough – the wild area on either side of the fairway.
  5. Bunker – a sand filled ditch.