How Long Can You Look For A Lost Golf Ball?

So keep your golfing woes to a minimum with our guide to losing your ball.

A player has five minutes to look for a ball before it is deemed to be lost.

How long can you search for a lost ball in golf 2019?

Under the Rules of Golf, you have three minutes to search for a golf ball. If you don’t find it within three minutes after beginning your search, the ball is deemed lost. The three-minute time limit is new. Prior to Jan. 1, 2019, golfers had five minutes to conduct a search for a potentially lost golf ball.

Do you have to look for a lost golf ball?

The first thing to remember is that you don’t need to search for your original ball. But it’s not considered lost if anyone finds it before you play the next shot with your provisional ball, from a spot nearer the hole—and the five-minute search period hasn’t expired (Decision 27-2b/1).

What is the penalty for lost ball in golf?

Rule 27-1: If a ball is lost as a result of not being found or identified as his by the player within five minutes after the player’s side or his or their caddies have begun to search for it, the player must play a ball, under penalty of one stroke, as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was

Can you declare a golf ball lost without looking for it?

A player cannot render a ball lost by a declaration — see Definition of ‘Lost Ball’. The original ball remained in play — see Definition of ‘Ball in Play’. e. The player has made a stroke at a substituted ball.