How Long Does It Take To Become A PGA Pro?

How long does it take to get PGA certified?

PGA members for more than eight years have the option of completing a project presentation instead of taking the tests.

The PGA estimates that it will take approximately 80 to 100 hours to complete the coursework and other requirements of CPP 2.0.

What does it take to become a PGA professional?

How To Become a PGA Golf Professional

  • Pass the Player Ability Test (playing 36 holes in one day with a specific score)
  • Take qualifying courses and pass a test.
  • Complete three levels of coursework within eight years.
  • Have a golf-related job.
  • Pay fees.

How much does it cost to become a PGA pro?

Registration fees average $500 and your Level 1 kit costs $560. Once you become an apprentice, you are enrolled in the PGA program. Begin your Level 1 work. There are three levels and you have two years to complete each level.

How do pro golfers get paid?

First is through winnings. All pro tournaments have a “purse” which is an amount of money allocated to players and is paid out according to finish, with most of it going to the top finishers although every player who finishes a tournament will get at least something.