Question: How Many Golf Balls Do Pros Use In A Round?

Most PGA Tour golfers carry in the area of nine golf balls in their bag per round.

Do pro golfers use the same ball all round?

The “one ball condition” requires the player to use the exact same brand and type of ball throughout the round. You may not switch to any other brand of ball, nor even to any other type of Titleist ball. You started with the Pro V1x, so the Pro V1x is what you must use on every stroke.

What golf balls do pros use?

For Titleist, the #1 ball used among the top 50 players, the only balls being used were the Pro V1x or Pro V1. Tour players using TaylorMade were only using the TP5 or TP5x, Callaway was represented by the Chrome Soft X or Chrome Soft and Bridgestone made the list with their Tour BX and Tour BXS golf ball.

How many golf balls do pros hit a day?

“The pros never beat balls. They’ll hit about 25 or 30 balls in an hour.

How often do pro golfers change golf balls?

With modern golf balls a lot of players will change every 6 holes or so under normal circumstances. If a ball is damaged due to hitting a tree or cart path, or from a wedge with aggressive grooves that ball will be taken out of play immediately.