How Many PGA Players Have Shot 59?

Eight players have shot 59 on the PGA Tour.

We’ve also seen a 58.

Who has shot a 59 in golf?

Lowest rounds in professional competition

Ryo Ishikawa58Japan Golf Tour
Stephan Jä Tour
Jim Furyk58PGA Tour
Al Geiberger59PGA Tour

21 more rows

How many players have shot a 59?

Since then there have been five more 59s and one 58 shot on the PGA Tour — including two of them shot by 2018 Ryder Cup USA Captain Jim Furyk. In honor of the anniversary of Duval’s milestone, we take a look at each 59 and 58 shot in Tour history.

How many PGA golfers have shot a 59?

There have been 10 sub-60 rounds shot in PGA TOUR history. Nine have been 59s, and Jim Furyk has the only 58 on the PGA TOUR. Furyk is also one of the players to record a 59.

Who was the first golfer to shoot 59?

Al Geiberger