Quick Answer: How Much Does A Club Fitting Cost?

Shafts can significantly up the cost of your completed set since iron shafts usually range from $25–$75 each, driver shafts from $100–$400 and even higher.

Check the Club Champion website for the exact cost of a fitting without buying the clubs, but expect to pay from about $80 for a wedge fit to $350 for the full bag.

How much is a club fitting at Golftec?

The fee for Golftec was $99. The clubs I ordered will take about 2 weeks to ship after they are custom fit.

What is a club fitting?

Club fitting is a process in which a trained fitter creates a set of clubs that is perfectly matched to your swing. To do that, every aspect of the club is studied—from head and shaft to grip, loft, lie angle, and feel.

Does Pxg charge for fitting?

Throughout the industry, there has been considerable focus on the cost for PXG clubs, and understandably so as a set of nine of the company’s new Gen2 irons retails for $3,600 while a driver sells for $850. Instead, PXG has almost 30 fitting vans around the country to fit new customers.

Are fitted golf clubs necessary?

You Should Not Be Fitted

If the answer is “no,” being fitted for clubs should not be your first priority. It’s not about how your swing feels; it’s about the results. Before spending money in custom-fit golf clubs, invest in lessons from a PGA professional.