Question: How Much Is A Curling Stone?

According to Curling Stone new stones costs about $450, though they can run $600 and up depending on the manufacturer and the source and type of granite.

Used stones can be found for under $300 apiece.

The best stones are made from blue hone granite from Ailsa Craig.

How much is a curling stone weigh?

44 pounds

How much does a professional curler make?

Indeed, the highest-earning curlers can make upward of $100,000 in a touring season — but the rest of the competitors make far below that. A ranking of the earnings women curlers have made in the 2017-18 season shows the top 10 athletes making $40,000 or higher, with the rest making anywhere from $39,000 to $100.

What is curling stone made of?


How long does a curling stone last?

“The view of some experts is that in 20 to 30 years time, Ailsa Craig stones will probably last a bit longer,” Thompson said.