Quick Answer: How Tall Is A Flagstick In Golf?

Are all golf flags the same height?

So the USGA recommendation of “at least seven feet” is just a recommendation.

But while most flagsticks are manufactured around that height, golfers may encounter pins of differing heights.

Do you have to pull the pin when putting?

The New Rule: According to the USGA, under Rule 13.2a(2), “There will no longer be a penalty if a ball played from the putting green hits a flagstick left in the hole.” Players will still have the option to remove the flagstick or to have someone tend the pin and remove it after the ball is struck.

What is the length of a golf flag stick?

The USGA recommends a golf flagstick height should be at least 7 feet tall, measured from the bottom of the flagstick in the ground to the top of the stick. That means the visible portion of the flagstick isn’t 7 feet, but it’s more like 6 feet, 8 inches.

What do the different colored flags mean on a golf course?

A blue or yellow flag typically indicates a pin position, or where the hole is located, at the back of the green; a white flag is used when the hole is in the middle of the green; a red flag signals a pin position at the front of the green. The flag colors may vary, though.