Is Ice Hockey Popular?

Ice hockey is most popular in Canada, central and eastern Europe, the Nordic countries, Russia and the United States.

North America’s National Hockey League (NHL) is the highest level for men’s ice hockey and the strongest professional ice hockey league in the world.

Traditionally, ice hockey has been played predominantly by Caucasians in the United States and attended by white Americans and the fans are the most affluent of the 4 major team sports watched in the United States. Ice hockey is traditionally popular in Massachusetts, Michigan, and Minnesota within the United States.

Is hockey growing in popularity?

The Business of the NHL As Hockey’s Popularity Slips In U.S. Hockey might be the most expensive sport to play in the U.S., giving it the biggest barrier to entry. This has hurt the NHL’s popularity as it loses fans every year. But it’s not all bad for the biggest hockey league in the world.

Ice Hockey is more popular in North America than Field Hockey mainly because of the National Hockey League. Ice Hockey itself is the most popular sport in Canada and the NHL was created in Canada and later expanded to the US. In the US it is still behind Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Nascar as a popular sport.

As far as top level NHL players go, Michigan may rank as the best state in the country. Along with the great traditions at Michigan State and the University of Michigan, the Detroit Red Wings are quite possibly the most popular hockey team in America.