Is It Illegal To Shoot A Buzzard?

Black vultures and more than 800 other species of birds are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 which makes it illegal to kill the birds without a federal permit.

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What is the fine for killing a buzzard?

The federal law provides penalties of up to $1,500 per buzzard killed and six months in prison.

Why are buzzards protected?

Because both Black and Turkey vultures are federally protected migratory birds, a federal authorization (permit) is necessary to legally “take” them. However, a permit is not necessary to “harass” or otherwise disperse or discourage vultures from using areas where they may be a potential threat to livestock.

Is it illegal to shoot a buzzard in TN?

It not only makes it legal to kill black vultures under Tennessee state law, it also prohibits the state from providing any cooperation with federal enforcement of its law. The vulture issue came up because these federally protected birds were killing farm livestock and damaging property.

Can I shoot vultures?

Like most birds, vultures are protected by the federal migratory bird protection act. As with any nuisance bird, you can eliminate roosting areas, but you can’t hurt the bird itself. You can’t just shoot the vultures.