Question: How Do You Disinfect Wooden Worktops?

What is the best treatment for wooden kitchen worktops?

Linseed or Tung Oil Pure linseed oil or tung oil are better suited for treating hardwood worktops as they penetrate timber more effectively than other natural oils.

Though it may take a long time, these rub-in oils will naturally dry or cure on their own..

Are wooden worktops hygienic?

Wood is a naturally hygienic surface for a kitchen as it has antibacterial properties. Solid wooden worktops are very strong and durable.

How do you protect wooden worktops?

Use linseed or Danish oil (available from DIY stores) and a lint-free cloth – microfibre works well. Pour a little oil directly onto the worktop and, using the cloth, spread it over the surface until you have a very thin and even layer. Keep going until you’ve covered all your worktop, then apply another coat.

How do you get stains out of wooden kitchen worktops?

Surface stains can generally be removed by rubbing with a pad of really fine wire wool drenched in lemon oil to help avoid damage. Simply rub the stained surface with the wool and the stain should disappear.

Are wooden kitchen worktops a good idea?

Wooden worktops are incredibly durable and any knife marks or imperfections are much more easily fixed than with other worktop materials. As long as you look after your worktop and oil it every 6 months, it should last for as long as you want it to. Eco friendly. With wood it’s possible to make eco-friendly choices.

How do you make wooden worktops waterproof?

Oil every surface of your worktop (including all the edges and the underside). Two generous coats of oil should be sufficient on the underside and the non-exposed edges, but on the exposed surfaces, ideally you should aim to add at least three to five light coats of oil to ensure water resistance.

Can you put hot pans on wooden worktops?

Never put a hot pan or tray directly onto a wooden worktop – always use a trivet. Clean your surface with warm water, washing-up liquid and a soft cloth is all you need. … Before you get on with the oiling ensure that the wood worktop surface is completely dry and clean.

Can you use Dettol on wooden worktops?

Occasionally Dettol or similar kitchen spray. Always dry them immediately and don’t get them wringing wet. I love my oak worktops but I know lots of people consider them hard work. No trouble here.

How often should I oil my wooden worktops?

With regular oiling, real wood worktops should last for many years and will continue to mature in colour as you apply fresh coats of oil. It is recommended that for the first six weeks after installation, your worktops are oiled as regularly as possible, then approximately every three months thereafter.