Quick Answer: Was There A Hole In One At The US Open?

Thanks to the USGA’s comprehensive collection of records, we know there have been 45 holes-in-one made (as of this writing) in the history of the U.S.


The most in any one year came in 1989 when Doug Weaver, Mark Wiebe, Jerry Pate and Nick Price all aced the 159-yard par 3 6th hole at Oak Hill.

Has there ever been a hole in one at the US Open?

There have been 41 known holes-in-one throughout U.S. Open history.

Who hit a hole in one yesterday?

Justin Thomas Hole-In-One – YouTube.

How many hole in one are there?

Actuaries at such companies have calculated the chance of an average golfer making a hole in one at approximately 12,500 to 1, and the odds of a tour professional at 2,500 to 1.

Who made a hole in one at the Masters 2019?

Justin Thomas

Who hit a hole in one?

– There had been 857 tee shots hit at the iconic 17th hole since Sergio Garcia last made a hole in one during the 2017 Players Championship and for a moment Ryan Moore wasn’t sure if that streak had come to an end.

How many US Opens has there been?

The U.S. Open is a four-round, 72-hole stroke-play championship, with a cut after 36 holes. There are 156 players in the field.

Has anyone got a hole in one at the Masters?

The first hole-in-one on the sixth hole happened in 1954, and the first hole-in-one on the fourth hole only in 1992. Jeff Sluman remains the only golfer to ace Augusta National’s No. 4 during The Masters.

Is a hole in one luck or skill?

It’s no secret that achieving a hole in one requires years of experience unless you happen to be very lucky. On average a golfer will need to be playing for 24 years to achieve a hole in one.

How many Hole in One does Tiger Woods have?

Woods has hit a combined total twenty holes-in-one in the course of his lifetime—his first at the age of six. Three have come in PGA Tour competition, at the 1996 Greater Milwaukee Open, 1997 Phoenix Open, and 1998 Sprint International. Woods is the only professional golfer to win four majors in a row.