What Are The New Golf Rules?

New rule: A player may not replace a damaged club, unless the player was not responsible for the damage.

New rule: The use of DMDs is allowed, unless a Local Rule has been adopted prohibiting their use.

Current rule: DMD use is prohibited, unless a Local Rule has been adopted allowing their use.

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https://www.usga.org › rules-modernization › New-Rules › summary-of-main New PGA Golf rules New rule: No penalty if a ball played from the putting green (or anywhere else) hits the unattended flagstick in hole.

New rule: Red- and yellow-marked “penalty areas” may now cover areas of desert, jungle, lava rock, etc., in addition to areas of water.

Current rule: Loss of hole/2-stroke penalty (with exceptions).

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https://www.usga.org › content › dam › usga › pdf › rules-modernization Search for: New PGA Golf rules New USGA Golf Rules Among the changes: A player will not receive a penalty if the ball (or ball marker) accidentally moves on the putting green or in search of a ball.

Players can leave the flagstick in the hole while putting.

Players may repair spike marks or other damage, including foot prints, on the green with no penalty.

USGA, R&A propose sweeping changes to golf rules in effort to
https://www.usatoday.com › proposed-changes-golf-rules-simplify-game Search for: New USGA Golf Rules New ball drop Rules Golf The original proposal was for players to drop the ball 2 inches from the ground.

Starting next year, a local rule will let golfers simply drop a ball that goes out-of-bounds in the vicinity of where it went out — even if that means the fairway — with an additional two-shot penalty.

USGA, R&A announce new set of modern rules for golf
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What are the new golf rules for 2019?

2019 Rule: Under Rule 10.1a, if the player’s club accidentally hits the ball more than once during a single stroke: ➢ There will be no penalty and the ball will be played as it lies.

What is the new drop rule in golf?

Explanation: Players continue to drop a ball when taking relief, but the dropping procedure is changed in several ways as detailed in Rule 14.3. When taking relief (from an abnormal course condition or penalty area, for example), golfers will now drop from knee height.

What is the new flagstick rule?

The New Rule: According to the USGA, under Rule 13.2a(2), “There will no longer be a penalty if a ball played from the putting green hits a flagstick left in the hole.” Players will still have the option to remove the flagstick or to have someone tend the pin and remove it after the ball is struck.

Can you ground your club in a hazard in 2019?


On top of this, golfers can move loose impediments in bunkers and will not be penalised for generally grounding their club away from their ball. However, you still CANNOT ground your club when playing a BUNKER shot.