Quick Answer: What Did Bobby Jones Die Of?





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Bobby Jones

American golfer

What illness did Bobby Jones have?


When did Bobby Jones pass away?

December 18, 1971

What was Bobby Jones last match?

DALTON — The legendary career of the great Bobby Jones has been remembered this week with the U.S. Open being played at historic Merion Golf Club. It was there that Jones completed his unprecedented 1930 sweep of golf’s top four events of the era by capturing the U.S. Amateur Championship.

How did Bobby Jones wife die?

His death followed years of declining health due to the spinal cord condition syringomyelia. Jones and wife Mary were married from 1924 until his death; Mary died in 1975. They had three children: Clara (dec. 1994), Robert Tyre III (dec. 1973) and Mary Ellen, born in 1931 and still alive.

Did Bobby Jones have a bad temper?

Even at the age of 14 Bobby could not understand how anyone ever could miss any kind of golf shot.” But for the next seven years, Jones missed many shots and struggled with his temper. Finally, at the 1923 U.S. Open at Inwood Country Club in New York, Jones conquered his demons and broke through.

What did Bobby Jones do for a living?




Why did Bobby Jones retire?

Jones retired after his Grand Slam in 1930, playing only his own tournament, The Masters. As an amateur golfer, he was not eligible to compete in the PGA Championship.

Where did Bobby Jones die?

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Is Bobby Jones married?

Ethel Jones

What was Bobby Jones net worth?

Bobby Jones Net Worth: Bobby Jones was an American golfer and lawyer who had a net worth of $5 million. Bobby Jones was born in Atlanta, Georgia in March 1902 and passed away in December 1971. Jones co-founded the Masters Tournament and founded and helped design the Augusta National Golf Club.

Why didn’t Bobby Jones turn professional?

Jones couldn’t play golf at Harvard Jones lusted for a Harvard varsity letter and eventually earned one — as assistant manager of the golf team — several months before winning his first U.S. Open. Jones was ineligible to play at Harvard because he had played at Georgia Tech.

How did Walter Hagen die?

Head and neck cancer

Who was Bobby Jones wife?

Mary Rice Malone

m. 1924–1971

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Who was Bobby Jones married to?

Mary Rice Malone

m. 1924–1971