What Do You Call It When You Hit A Golf Ball?

What is it called when you hit the ground in golf?

Fairway: The center, short-mown portion of a golf hole in between the teeing ground and the green.

Fat: A shot in which the club hits the ground (more so than intended) prior to striking the ball.

Sometimes also called “thick” or “chunked.” First tee: Where a round of golf play begins.

What is a condor in golf?

“Condor” is the name of an American golf manufacturer, but most notably it’s the label given to the extremely rare, almost impossible score of 4-under-par for a single hole. As of 2012, four generally accepted condors have been recorded, all involving aces on par-5 holes.

What are golf terms and their meanings?

Golf: Glossary and Terms. Eagle – A score on a golf hole that is two less than Par. Fairway – This is the area of a golf hole between the Tee and the Green. It is closely mown in compared to the rough making it easier to strike the golf ball cleanly. Green – This is where the golf hole resides.

What is thru in golf?

The terms “play through” and “playing through” refer to the act of a faster group of golfers on a golf course being invited to or allowed to pass a slower group – for the faster group to get ahead of the slower group. Ideally, this happens at the invitation of the slower group.