Question: What Does A Condor Eat?

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Is a condor a vulture?

Condor is the common name for two species of New World vultures, each in a monotypic genus. The name derives from the Quechua kuntur. They are the largest flying land birds in the Western Hemisphere. The Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) which inhabits the Andean mountains.

Are Condors carnivores?

Scavenging and Diet

Condors are vultures, so they keep their sharp eyes peeled for the carrion that makes up most of their diet. They prefer to feast on large animals, wild or domestic, and in picking the carcasses, they perform an important function as a natural clean-up crew.

What eats the California condor?

California condors have few natural predators due to their size. However, large terrestrial predators such as mountain lions, coyotes, and bobcats have been known to predate adult and juvenile condors.

What do Condors look like?

The naked head and neck are yellowish orange. Immatures have dark heads, grayer necks, and mottled grayish instead of clear white patches under the wings. Adult coloration is reached at 6-8 years of age. Condors are masterful soarers that rarely flap their wings.