Question: What Does C Mean After Golf Handicap?

The ‘c’ means a competition handicap and you can play in most competitions.


‘c’ means you still have a CONGU handicap but may be restricted from some.

competitions until you have regained your ‘c’.

To keep/regain your ‘c’ you must return at least three qualifying scores in the.

What does C mean on my Ghin handicap?

Posted on April 30th, 2014 in Handicapping Blog by WSGA Site Administrator. The definition of a “reduced handicap index”, ex: 18.2R, is when a golfer has a minimum of two eligible tournament score differentials that are exceptional, at least 3.0 better than the golfer’s handicap index.

What does C mean on ghin?

“Scores Posted” – # rounds this season. Posted-scores listing, * = Used to figure Index (Abreviations used): A – Away. C – Combined (2 9-hole scores)

Do golf handicaps expire?

So, in terms of the question, ‘does a golf handicap expire?’ the answer is no. If you joined a golf club which is a member of the CONGU system or the United States Golf Associate, your handicap will always be available, even if it has been suspended due to lack of play or any other reason.

How do you correct a ghin score?

To change a score in a golfer’s record:

  • From the Player Data or the Score History section of the Player Maintenance screen, click to display the Score Maintenance EDIT SCORE HISTORY screen.
  • Go to the line in the Score History grid of the score you want to change.

What does the R mean after my handicap index?

A Handicap Index is displayed with an “R” (e.g. 10.4R) because two or more tournament scores have been posted within the past year that are at least three strokes better than the current Handicap Index based on the most recent twenty scores.

What is a golfer’s handicap?

A golf handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer’s potential ability. In stroke play, it is used to calculate a net score from the number of strokes played during a competition, thus allowing players of different proficiency to play against each other on somewhat equal terms.

Do 9 hole rounds count for handicap?

Posting 9-Hole Scores

Nine-hole rounds should be recorded as such when you post your scores. They may not immediately have any impact on your handicap index. However, if there is another 9-hole round in the system for you, the two will be paired together as if they comprised the two halves of an 18-hole round.

How do I calculate my 9 hole handicap?

Calculating a 9-Hole Handicap Index

Average the five differentials. In the example, the calculation would look like this: Average = (7.5N + 8.0N + 7.3N + 7.9N + 7.8N) / 5 = 7.7N. Multiply the average by 0.96 to obtain your 9-hole handicap index.

What is a Congu competition handicap?

Players who were awarded a CONGU® Club Handicap in 2016 will have a Competition Handicap providing they have submitted a minimum of 3 qualifying scores in 2017. Otherwise Clause 26.3 applies. 1.3 Some of our members refused a CONGU® Club Handicap due to competition restrictions.