What Does The Draw Setting Do On A Driver?

Adjusting Draw or Fade Bias

Some drivers help golfers achieve a draw bias through lie angle, pushing the toe in the air to make it more upright and promote a draw.

Many others allow players to shift some weight laterally, particularly toward the heel to promote a draw.

What does an offset driver do?

“Offset” is a golf equipment term describing a club whose face is set slightly back from the hosel (neck), instead of aligning directly with the shaft. A driver with offset can dramatically help the golfer who tends to slice tee shots.

What is fade and draw on a driver?

A hook or a draw is a golf shot that goes from right to left, whereas a fade or slice is a shot that goes from left to right. Slices which are one of the common problems that golfers face is a shot that can hit those white out-of-bounds stake at the far right of the fairway.

What is draw bias on a driver?

Switching golfers who want less slice or fade to a draw-biased driver means more distance and improved accuracy because it fundamentally changes launch conditions. “They usually go hand in hand,” Wood said. “If someone is delivering the face open then they’re also adding a bunch of loft.

How do you hold an offset driver?

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