What Does Through The Green Mean In Golf Rules?

“Through the green” is a term used often in the Official Rules of Golf — typically in passages that describe situations in which the golfer is entitled to relief — and it is a reference to specific, physical parts of the golf course.

What does the term through the green mean in golf?

Closely mown area, refers to the fairway areas, not roughs. Through the green. This refers to the whole area of the course except the teeing ground and putting green of the hole being played and all hazards. Thus, you can not have an embedded ball in a bunker or water hazard.

What does preferred lies through the green mean?

‘Preferred lies’ is the term that means that you as a golf player are allowed to improve your lie without penalty on certain parts of a golf course. A closely-mown area is any area of the course that is cut to fairway height or less and includes paths cut through the rough and the fringe/apron around the green.

What does lift clean and place through the green mean?

If a player’s ball lies on a closely-mown area through the green the player may mark, lift and clean his ball without penalty. If the ball fails to come to rest on the spot on which it was placed, the ball must be replaced, without penalty.

What are winter rules for golf?

Winter rules only apply to “closely mown areas” – those parts of the course cut to fairway height or less, including paths through the rough, and the fringes or aprons around the greens. You MUST mark the position of the ball before lifting, cleaning and placing – failure to do so leads to a one-stroke penalty.