Question: What Happens If You Play Off The Wrong Tee In Golf?

The good news is that any strokes with the ball played from outside the teeing ground or wrong tee do not count in your score.

In match play, there is, however, no penalty, but your opponent may immediately request that you cancel the stroke and play another ball from within the correct teeing ground.

What happens if you play the wrong hole in golf?

Stableford tournaments are a rarity in the United States. In a regular stroke play tournament, if a player plays from the wrong teeing ground (the wrong hole), she incurs a two-stroke penalty and must return to the correct hole.

How far back can you tee off from tee markers?

Question on Rules of Golf:

Is it a rule that you must be behind the tee markers on a tee box? How far can you tee the ball up behind the markers? Yes, you cannot tee up in front of the tee markers or you will be penalized two strokes. You can go back from the markers a maximum of 2 club lengths.

Can you ask a golfer what club they used?

Likewise, asking another golfer to advise you about your swing or offer other golf instruction topics during a round is not allowed. You cannot ask a golfer what club she used before you’ve played your stroke. While you can ask about yardages, you cannot ask for advice on which club to use for that shot.

What are the yellow tees in golf?

There are different teeing areas which are marked by different colour tee boxes on a course. Competition tees (white), men’s tees (yellow), women’s tees (red) and some clubs are introducing blue tees for veterans and juniors. The white tees are usually the furthest from the hole and the blue tees the nearest.