What Is A Good Number Of Putts Per Round?

That’s approximately 31 strokes per round, which equates to roughly 30-40 percent of most golfers’ scores.

That number jumps to approximately 1.9 putts per green in regulation (GIR), or 34 putts per round.

How many putts should you have in a round?

Some numbers to look for in assessing your putting improvement are as follows36 or more putts per round is poor putting. Anywhere between 31-35 putts per round is acceptable good putting for the average golfer. 26-30 putts per round and you have now crossed over into the realm of great putting.

What is the average putts per round on the PGA Tour?

The first: How many putts does the average golfer take per round? The answer: 34 strokes. For context, Phil Mickelson leads the tour with 27.21 putts per round; out of the top 200 in the category, Ryan Blaum, Vaughn Taylor and Blayne Barber come in at No. 100 with a 29.1 mark.

What percentage of putts do pros make?

These days, pros make 50 percent of their putts from eight feet and 20 percent of their putts from 16 feet.

What is the average score of a 10 handicap?

The lower the player’s handicap, the tighter the score dispersion. A scratch player on a course of average difficulty will typically shoot 69 to 79. Conversely, a 25-handicapper will typically shoot 95 to 110, a difference of 15 strokes. The 10 tends to be about in the middle in score deviation.