Question: What Is A Good Tip For A Caddy?

For a forecaddie, about $20 to $25 per player.

For a caddie toting just your bag — around $40 to $50 — a little less for a double bag because the other player should be tipping said caddie, too.

But if you want to be safe, don’t be afraid to ask the head pro or director of golf.

What does a good Caddie do?

Along with transporting clubs, caddies can offer helpful advice. The overall responsibility of golf caddies is to make the game of golf more enjoyable for the golfers for whom they are caddying. The most basic job of caddies is to carry the golf bags and hand golfers clubs when they request them.

How much do you tip a Pinehurst caddy?

Our recommended caddie gratuity is $40 and up per bag for a walking caddie, and $25 per bag and up for a forecaddie. Golf carts are required to stay on the cart paths on both Pinehurst No. 2 and No. 4.

How much do you tip a Caddie at Pebble Beach?

At $75 per bag with a recommended gratuity of $50 for each, caddies are not cheap. But as Boyns points out: “Golf is meant to be walked. If you take a cart, you have to stay on the path.

How much do you tip a streamsong caddy?

At Pinehurst, the flat rate is $90 for a single premium caddie and the recommended tip is a minimum of $30, or 33 percent. A good caddie is more than a mere assistant. He is guide, philosopher and friend.