Question: What Is The Correct Grip In Golf?

Proper Golf Grip – Video Summary

  • Place the club in the fingers of the left hand.
  • Grip the club half an inch from the end.
  • As you look down at your left hand, there should be 2½ knuckles visible.
  • If you can see more than 2½ knuckles, your left hand is said to be in too strong a position.

What is the correct way to grip a golf club?

Hold the top of the golf grip with your right hand, then place your left hand against the golf grip from the side, with your fingers pointing down straight towards the ground. Start with your fingers extended, note the wrist angle to help the club run through the correct part of the hand and fingers.

How should a beginner hold a golf club?

To hold a golf club, start by placing your dominant hand on the shaft of the club where it connects to the grip. Then, lift the club at a 45 degree angle and place your other hand palm-up beneath the grip. Wrap your bottom three fingers around it and set your thumb across the top of the grip.

What is the interlocking grip in golf?

Interlocking Grip. How you connect the hands on the grip of the golf club is nowhere near as important as the position that those hands are placed on the club. There are generally 3 accepted ways of connecting the hands, the interlocking, the overlap and the split handed or as it is also called the Baseball grip.