Quick Answer: What Kind Of Shoes Should I Wear To The Driving Range?

Golf etiquette is to wear a collared shirt and longer shorts, slacks or a skort and golf shoes, no sneakers or jeans.

Is there a dress code at driving ranges?

The dress for the driving range is relaxed; ie., track pants, T-shirts are acceptable. However, people wishing to play golf after their driving range session will be required to change into the appropriate attire.

What club should I use at the driving range?

How to Know Which Golf Club to Use

ClubMen’s Average DistanceWomen’s Average Distance
Driver230 yards200 yards
3-wood210 yards180 yards
2-iron190 yardsNot recommended; 4-wood or hybrid = 170 yards
3-iron180 yardsNot recommended; 5-wood or hybrid = 160 yards

9 more rows

What shoes should I wear golfing?

Wear golf shoes with hard rubber, plastic, or other non-metal (soft) spikes. (You can wear running shoes or sneakers with good grip if you don’t have golf shoes). Don’t wear metal spikes as they tear up the course. Don’t wear boots, street shoes, or sandals.

Do you have to bring your own clubs to a driving range?

Any good driving range will have signs marking off 50 yards, 100 yards, 150 yards, and so on. You can practice hitting to these targets with any club. Some driving ranges will lend or rent you clubs, but most expect you to bring your own.