Quick Answer: What Sports Are Bet On The Most?

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American Football






What sport is best to bet on?

The best sport to bet on simply lies within your personal knowledge.

  • Football.
  • NFL.
  • Tennis.
  • Hockey.
  • Baseball.
  • Basketball.

10 Dec 2016

What is the most bet on sporting event?

The Sporting Events with the Biggest Betting Volume

  1. The FIFA World Cup. Football (soccer) is the world’s most popular sport, and it makes sense that it pulls in the most money.
  2. The Super Bowl. If we focus on the American scene, the National Football League is king.
  3. March Madness.
  4. Kentucky Derby.
  5. The Grand National.
  6. Sports Betting is Big Money.

5 Feb 2019

What is the easiest sport to bet on?

Football will be the easiest sport for you to bet on.26 Jan 2018

What is the most profitable sport to bet on?

Which is the most profitable sport to bet on, according to you?

  • American Football (NFL, College Football)
  • Ice Hockey (NHL)
  • Basketball (NBA, College Basketball)
  • Soccer (English Premier League, MLS)
  • Tennis (All 4 grand slams)
  • UFC (Main events)
  • Boxing.
  • Baseball (MLB)