Quick Answer: When Can You Clean Your Ball In Golf?

A player may clean his ball at any time when it has been lifted, except for when it has been lifted under Rule 5-3 (Ball Unfit for Play), Rule 12-2 (Identifying Ball), and Rule 22 (Ball Interfering with or Assisting Play).

Can you clean golf ball on green?

It might surprise you when it’s legal to clean your golf ball. The other obvious time is on the putting green – after you have marked your golf ball. Cleaning it in both these times is permitted. Another time permitted is when local rules permit the “Lift, Clean and Place” rule.

What are the rules for marking your golf ball?

Before lifting your ball under a Rule requiring it to be replaced on its original spot, you must mark the spot, which means to:

  • Place a ball-marker right behind or right next to your ball, or.
  • Hold a club on the ground right behind or right next to your ball.

How long can you look for your ball in golf?

So keep your golfing woes to a minimum with our guide to losing your ball. A player has five minutes to look for a ball before it is deemed to be lost.

What is the lift clean and place rule?

Purpose of Rule: Rule 14 covers when and how you may mark the spot of your ball at rest and lift and clean your ball and how to put it back into play so that your ball is played from the right place. When your ball has been lifted or moved and is to be replaced, the same ball must be set down on its original spot.