Question: When Can You Take An Unplayable Lie In Golf?

Under this rule, you incur a one-stroke penalty, but are permitted to take relief from your troubling situation.

There are three specific options when taking an unplayable lie.

The first option is to go back to the point from where you played your last shot.

When can you take a drop in golf?

Pursuant to Rule 25-2, the golfer may lift and clean the ball, then may drop it without penalty in a playable location. The ball must be dropped as near to the original location as possible, but not nearer to the hole.

Can you take an unplayable lie anytime?

Under the heading “You May Decide to Take Unplayable Ball Relief Anywhere Except Penalty Area,” the rule states this: “You are the only person who may decide to treat your ball as unplayable. Unplayable ball relief is allowed anywhere on the course, except in a penalty area.”

Can you take a penalty drop out of a bunker?

Players are still allowed to drop in the bunker within two club-lengths of the ball, or, behind the ball on a straight line from the hole, for one penalty stroke. But if they want to go out of the sand, under the new rules addition, it will cost an additional stroke.

Can you declare an unplayable lie in a bunker?

Ball Unplayable in a Hazard

If the ball is in a water hazard, the player may not declare the ball unplayable. If the unplayable ball lies in a bunker, the player may proceed under any of the options listed in Rule 28. However, if he elects option b or c, the ball must be dropped in the bunker.