Quick Answer: Where Can I Get Free Scholarships?

Try these free sources of information about scholarships:

  • the financial aid office at a college or career school.
  • a high school or TRIO counselor.
  • the U.S. Department of Labor’s FREE scholarship search tool.
  • federal agencies.
  • your state grant agency.
  • your library’s reference section.

Finding and Applying for Scholarships | Federal Student Aid

https://studentaid.ed.gov › types › grants-scholarships › finding-scholarships

What is the best website to apply for scholarships?

12 of the best websites for finding a college scholarship

  1. Fastweb.com.
  2. Niche.com.
  3. SallieMae.
  4. Scholarship Monkey.
  5. Cappex.
  6. Chegg.
  7. Unigo.
  8. Peterson’s.

Is there any scholarship exam available?

The AIEESE (Primary) scholarship examination is conducted annually for all the engineering aspirants on a national level. The scholarship is granted to students to help them to get admitted to the choicest of engineering institute. Scholarship is provided by the Modi foundation based on the merit of the exam.

How can I get more scholarship money?

No scholarship? Here’s how to pay for college

  • Grants. Colleges, states, and the federal government give out grants, which don’t need to be repaid.
  • Ask the college for more money. Yes, you can haggle over financial aid.
  • Work-study jobs.
  • Apply for private scholarships.
  • Take out loans.
  • Claim a $2,500 tax credit.
  • Live off campus or enroll in community college.

Are scholarships free money?

Grants and scholarships are often called “gift aid” because they are free money—financial aid that doesn’t have to be repaid. Grants are often need-based, while scholarships are usually merit-based.