Question: Which Driver Is Best For A Slice?

#2 Best Driver for a slice – TaylorMade M6 D Driver

If you’re out for the best Driver for a slice but you really can’t stand an offset Driver, then we recommend the TaylorMade M6 D.

The ‘D’ stands for draw and it does live up to its name.

This Driver is ideal if you slice the golf ball.

Why do I slice my driver?

A slice shot is caused by a poor grip and setup, an outside-to-in downswing path and an open clubface. An outside-to-in path occurs when the golfer reaches too far on the downside, bringing the club down to the right of the ball (outside), relative to the target line.

Will a draw driver help my slice?

Draw-bias designs also encourage a straighter ball flight by featuring higher lofts, lighter shafts and more upright lie angles. There’s even evidence that with the CG closer to the heel, draw drivers help average golfers return the face to square at impact because the CG is closer to the shaft.

How do I stop hitting a slice?

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What loft driver do pros use?

Golfers with this swing speed would typically benefit from a driver between 12-14° of loft. Golfers that hit up on the ball (have a positive attack angle) will tend to spin the ball less because their spin loft is lower. So they can therefore afford to have slightly more loft to maximize distance.