Quick Answer: Which Golf Ball Is Best For Beginners?

Best Golf Balls for Beginners

  • Best Overall Beginner Golf Ball: Pinnacle Soft.
  • Best Value Beginner Golf Ball: Nike PD Long Golf Balls.
  • Top of the Range: Titleist Velocity.
  • Top of the Range: Callaway Supersoft.
  • Worthy Competitor #1: Srixon AD333.
  • Worthy Competitor #2: Callaway Warbird.
  • Worthy Competitor #3: Taylormade Burner.

Are Pro v1 good for beginners?

The Pro V1.

For most players, this is perfectly sufficient, and they’ll get endless use from them. For the pros and those who aspire to be one, a different construction may be necessary. Both Pro V1 and Pro V1x have a three layer design. At the heart of the Pro V1 is a solid core of Polybutadiene.

What is the best golf ball for mid handicappers?

Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers

  1. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls.
  2. TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls.
  3. Callaway Chromesoft Golf Balls.
  4. Vice Soft Golf Balls.
  5. Top-Flite Gamer Golf Balls.
  6. Maxfli SoftFli Golf Balls.
  7. TaylorMade Project S Golf Balls.
  8. What Golf Balls Should You Buy?

What color golf ball is easiest?

The most common color, besides white, for a golf ball is bright yellow. Although some public ranges dye their balls yellow in order to keep ball snatchers at bay, bright yellow is considered an excellent choice for tracking and visibility against green grass.

What are the best golf balls for ladies?

The 10 Best Golf Balls for Women in 2019

  • Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls.
  • Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls.
  • Volvik Crystal Golf Balls.
  • Chromax Metallic I Golf Balls.
  • Wilson Ladies Tour Velocity Golf Balls.
  • Wilson Hope 12 Ball Ladies Golf Balls.
  • Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls.
  • Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls.

Why are Pro v1 so expensive?

Pro V1’s are softer and spin more than Pro V1x’s. The reason they are so expensive is because they are 1) the highest quality golf ball and 2) Titleist has brand recognition that they have built over decades. There are many other balls in the same class as the Pro V1 that sell for the same price or maybe $1 cheaper.

What is the best golf ball for the average player?

The Best Golf Balls for Weekend Golfers are:

  1. Titleist NXT Tour (best golf ball overall)
  2. Taylormade Project (a) (best tour quality ball for low swing speeds)
  3. Titleist Velocity (best golf ball for distance)
  4. Srixon Q Star (best golf ball for greenside spin)
  5. Bridgestone e6 (best golf ball for straight ball flight)

What golf ball goes the farthest?

The #1 Distance Golf Ball: Titleist Velocity

It’s called the Titleist Velocity golf ball, and it’s the best of the best when you want to hit it the furthest.

What is the best golf ball for seniors?

The Best Golf Ball For Seniors In 2019

  • Srixon AD333 Golf Balls – Best Value. Our Honest Star Rating. If you’re a Senior golfer looking for a great golf ball, with long distance and great short game feel the Srixon AD333 is the golf ball for you.
  • Titleist DT Trusoft (Insane Durability) Our Honest Star Rating.

What is the best golf ball for a 10 handicap?

Best Golf Ball for 10 Handicap

  1. Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls.
  2. Bridgestone Tour B330-RX Golf Balls.
  3. Wilson Titanium Ball.
  4. Vice Pro Golf Balls.
  5. Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls.

Are yellow or white golf balls easier to see?

Although some public ranges dye their balls yellow in order to keep ball snatchers at bay, bright yellow is considered an excellent choice for tracking and visibility against green grass. According to the brand manager at Srixon golf balls, yellow balls are three times easier to spot at a distance of 250 yards.

Can you switch golf balls on the green?

Thus, the substitution of a ball on the putting green other than when permitted by the Rules (i.e, a ball unfit for play) is contrary to Rule 15-2. However, a player may change golf balls between the play of two holes.

How many golf balls does a pro carry?

Most PGA Tour golfers carry in the area of nine golf balls in their bag per round.

Do ladies golf balls go farther?

In general, yes, a ladies golf ball will fly father for a female golfer than if that same golfer used a men’s golf ball. Since most ladies have a lower swing speed than their male counterparts, a ladies golf ball allows them to compress the ball at impact and maximize the distance they achieve off of the tee.

Do golf balls go bad?

Golf tip: Can golf balls go bad over time. He stated golf balls are now designed with multi-layer surfaces and solid cores, therefore will not go bad or impact performance. Although, golf balls with scuff marks could impact the ball’s performance.

Do softer golf balls go further?

Although softer golf balls go further from the tee for lower swing speed players, the gap across the whole range of ball types is only around 5 yards, so it is more important to fit the ball to your irons and then fit your driver to your preferred ball to maximise distance.