Question: Why Do Caddies Wear Bibs?

Why do caddies wear overalls?

The earliest caddies at Augusta National were poor black men drawn from the local community.

The club had provided them with official uniforms to make them look smarter.

All the caddies in the US Masters also have the name of the player that they are caddying for on the back of their overalls in green lettering.

Do caddies get endorsements?

Caddie-player contracts run the gamut, but most established players pay around 8% of winnings and 10% for a win to their caddie, according to James Edmondson, who is president of the Association of Professional Tour Caddies and loops for Ryan Palmer. Caddies earn additional money from their own endorsement deals.

What do professional caddies wear?

Professional Caddies

Collared golf shirts, appropriate-length shorts or long golf pants, belts and athletic shoes are required. Some tournaments require caddies to wear bibs, usually with the logo of the tournament, that cover the chest and back.

Why do Masters caddies have numbers?

For the Masters, the pro golfer’s name is emblazoned is across their backs, and all are numbered. The number “1” is given to the defending champion’s caddie, and the other golfers get their caddie numbers from the order in which they register for the tournament.