Why Do I Hit Fat And Thin Shots?

In both instances, the clubhead’s energy is released too soon, dropping the low point of the swing behind the ball.

Consequently, you either stick the clubhead in the ground and hit the shot fat, or learn to shorten your arms to avoid the ground and hit it thin.

Why do I hit shots thin?

Golfers who hit a lot of thin shots tend to swing the club too steeply into the ball. That’s because they slide past the ball on the downswing and have to force the club down to make contact. When they slide too far, they catch only the top half of the ball, hitting it thin.

How do you take a divot after the ball?



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Take a DIVOT after the golf ball – YouTube


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How do you hit a golf ball pure?

How To Pure Your Irons And Hit More Greens

  • GET SET OVER THE BALL. Your ball position should be the same for every iron shot: in line with the logo on your shirt (1).
  • SWING WIDE TO THE TOP. Many golfers lose their width going back, meaning their arms collapse and their hands get close to their head.

Why do golfers take a divot?

The pros swing hard and make it look easy because their swings are so fundamentally sound and they have great sequence. So many golfers have poor sequence because they start their downswing with their upper body, not their lower.

Should you take a divot with a 3 wood?

Ben Hogan used to take a little divot with every fairway wood he hit, and so does Tiger. When it comes to tempo, think of your 3-wood as any other club: It has a distance maximum, whether yours is 250 yards or 150. Use the same tempo you would for an iron shot—don’t try to squeeze out that extra 10 yards.

How do you hit down on a ball?



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How to Properly Hit Down on the Ball – Golf Tips – YouTube


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Can you tee off with an iron?

There’s a reason they let you tee up the ball only 18 times a round: It’s easier to hit a shot that way. As a general rule, tee up an iron shot so the ball is just above ground level.

Do you hit a 3 wood like an iron?

To hone a smooth, consistent action with your 3-wood, go to the practice tee and alternate shots with your 9-iron and 3-wood. Your goal is to feel like you have the 9-iron in your hands when you’re hitting the longer club. Then, take that feeling to the course.