Quick Answer: Why Do I Hit Thin?

There are plenty of other causes for golfers hitting thin shots.

This saving move is often required because the golfer’s plane or angle of attack is too steep.

Another second common reason behind thin shots is having a very flat swing, involving the arms swinging too much around the body.

Why do I hit shots thin?

Golfers who hit a lot of thin shots tend to swing the club too steeply into the ball. That’s because they slide past the ball on the downswing and have to force the club down to make contact. When they slide too far, they catch only the top half of the ball, hitting it thin.

What does it mean to hit the ball thin?

A “thin shot” in golf is one in which the clubhead strikes the golf ball too high (near the midpoint of the golf ball, or slightly lower or higher), which typically results in a low, sometimes slicing shot. A thin shot also often produces much more vibration that is felt in the golfer’s hands.

How do you fix thin golf shots?

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What causes fat shots in golf?

What Causes a Golfer to Hit It Fat? A noted above, a fat shot is caused by hitting behind the ball: Your golf club contacts the ground before it contacts the golf ball.

How do you hit a low cut golf shot?

Align your body as if you were going to hit a straight shot to the off-side target. Position the ball as you normally would in your stance. Open your stance by pulling back your lead foot about 8 to 9 inches. Pull or drop your foot straight back, not fan, or point, your toes to the left.

Why am I hitting the top of the golf ball?

The clubhead reaches the bottom of its swing arc before it gets to the ball. If you adjust your swing so you don’t hit the ground, the clubhead will be swinging upward by the time it reaches the ball. When that happens, you have no chance of hitting the bottom half of the ball. You’ll either top or whiff the ball.

Why am I skulling the ball?

Skulling the ball often results from a golfer lifting up just before impact – raising his hands, or raising the upper body which in turn lifts the hands. And that can be caused by a feeling of trying to help the ball get into the air – a sense that you need to “scoop” the ball up to get it airborne.

How do you hit a golf ball pure?

How To Pure Your Irons And Hit More Greens

  • GET SET OVER THE BALL. Your ball position should be the same for every iron shot: in line with the logo on your shirt (1).
  • SWING WIDE TO THE TOP. Many golfers lose their width going back, meaning their arms collapse and their hands get close to their head.

Why are my golf shots low?

If your head moves forward during your downswing you’ll hit down on the ball too much resulting in a lower than optimal ball flight. So many golfers I come across hit the ball too low. Some of those golfers even try to hit the ball low. There are a lot of reasons why you might be hitting the ball too low.

How do I stop topping the golf ball with irons?

  1. Section 1: Improving your ball skills is key to stop topping the ball.
  2. Move the ball back in your stance.
  3. Deliver your club on the right arc into the ball.
  4. Don’t hit the ball too hard.
  5. Keep your eyes on the ball.
  6. Section 2: Posture will make you top the ball if not done right.
  7. Maintain correct posture throughout your swing.